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Artist Canvas for paintings, murals, floor cloth, photography backdrops, and more. Allens Canvas carries 60 to 96 inch widths in many weights and ships to the lower 48 united states.

Unprimed Medium-weight #12 Rolls
For paintings, murals, theatrical flats, and canvas backgrounds. 60 to 96 inches wide
Unprimed Heavyweight #10 Rolls
For paintings, floorcloths and any application requiring heavier fabric. 60 to 96 inches wide
Unprimed Extra-Heavyweight
#8 Rolls
For floorcloth and any application requiring extra heavy fabric. 60 to 84 inches wide
Unprimed Smooth

A lightweight  10 oz. double weave unprimed duck with a very smooth surface




Unprimed  Cotton Canvas
Raw cotton duck canvas for many applications. 60 to 96 inches wide


Primed Canvas
Pre-primed canvas ready to paint in many weights. 60 to 84 inches wide

Popular Canvas!
96 in. #12 unprimed   25 yds. on a Roll $251.95


bulk rolls





  • A short history of floorcloth making along with a few books written on the subject

Tip: What are numbered ducks? Numbered ducks identify canvas that uses at least a 2 ply system on the warp and filling and whose weight is identified by a system of numbers. For instance per square yard, #12 is about 11.5 oz.; #10 is about 14.5 oz.; #8 is about 17.55 oz, and so on. As the numbers go up the weight goes down.

Tip: When priming canvas that has not been stretched on a frame or another device the length will shrink about 10%. The width will shrink very little.

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